Ofsted awarded Woodlands Nursery-  Outstanding in June 2011


"Children make exceptionally rapid progress in their learning and development at this stimulating nursery." (OFSTED 2011)


"Children thoroughly enjoy attending this exciting nursery. They are supported by the staff to be inquisitive and curious learners." (OFSTED 2011)


"Overall the children are very well prepared for their next stage in learning in this excellent, inclusive nursery." (OFSTED 2011)


Please read our OUTSTANDING ofsted report using the link below!


Learning and Development

Woodlands Nursery is OFSTED inspected, which means children will receive Government funding. (All Children receive 15 hours of funding the term after they are 3 years old)



OFSTED require that we plan our activities around the

'Early Years Foundation Stage' (EYFS)

Learning is achieved through play and experiences provided by the staff.


The EYFS is split in to six area of learning and development:


Personal Social and Emotional Devlopment (P.S.E.D)

The children learn to respect themselves and others and are taught the importance of friendships. They are encouraged to be independent and confident and also to express their feelings, wants, needs and interests. They will also develop an understanding of what is right and wrong.


Communication, Language and Literacy (C.L.L)

The children have opportunities to talk and use other forms of communication- they will learn to listen and respond. They will be learning to recognise and write their name. At Woodlands we focus on a 'Sound of the Week' using a Jolly Phonics. The children have opportunites throughout the day to 'mark' make and explore with a variety of writing tools and materials


Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy (PS.R.N)

This involves counting, sorting, recognising patterns, problem solving, working with numbers and shapes, measuring and comparing.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World (K.U.W)

The children are beginning to make sense of the world around them. They will learn and be encouraged to investigate, be curious and ask questions. They will learn simple computer skills and from our resources areas use a range of tools and equipment such as scissors, staplers, a variety of tapes, glue and hole punchers etc. They will learn to explore and select appropiately using skills such as cutting, joining and building. The children will talk about their families, where they live and share celebrations and occasions in their own lives.


Physical Development (P.D)

The children have opportunity to develop control of their bodies, co-ordination and fine motor skills, working individually, in small groups or as a whole group. As well as Circle time, where the children take part in action songs and rhymes, we have movement and music sessions and equipment to develop climbing and balancing skills.


Creative Development (C.D)

This includes art, music, dance,role play and imaginative play, where the children are able to explore, develop and express ideas.


A 'Learning Journey' is kept on each child at the nursery. These record your child's development and learning progress using examples. These include developmental records of examples of work, observations and photographs which are kept as evidence of their learning and progress throughout their time at the nursery. We also use this document to plan 'targets' to move the children on to the next stage of their individual learning.

These records are available for you to see, and time is set aside twice a yearly to view and review them with their Key Person.