Ofsted awarded Woodlands Nursery-  Outstanding in December 2018


Click here to read the report- OFSTED Report 2018 


"Teaching is outstanding. Qualified staff have expert knowledge of children's individual needs. They provide them with superb opportunities to develop their skills and interests. Children learn through play and are extremely eager to interact with staff and peers"


"Staff keep meticulous risk assessments of the premises, garden and outings to keep children safe. They inspirationally support children in developing safety awareness."


 "Staff challenge children's skills. For example, they engage them in a highly entertaining 'Christmas hunt'. Children learn exceptional skills as they work together to follow clues in order to find presents hidden in the garden. Staff are highly confident in promoting children's language. They provide impeccable support for those learning English."



"Staff create a loving environment for children. The key-person system is highly effective, and staff build impressive partnerships with parents. Children are happy and extremely comfortable at the nursery. They form strong bonds with staff and peers. Parents highly praise staff's dedication towards children, who show excellent social skills and flourish." 



               Learning and Development

Woodlands Nursery is OFSTED inspected, which means children will receive Government funding. 



OFSTED require that we plan our activities around the

'Early Years Foundation Stage' (EYFS)

Learning is achieved through play and experiences provided by the staff.


The Areas of Learning are split into 2 sections – Prime and Specific Areas of Learning. Each of these areas are then broken down into more detailed Learning Goals.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Successful personal, social and emotional development is essential for all young children in order for them to achieve in all aspects of their lives. Work in this area focuses on helping children to become independent and to be able to work, play and co-operate with others. We are focused on helping children to develop self confidence, relationships with others and manage their feelings and behaviour.

Communication and Language

Children are encouraged to speak and listen effectively in many situations and are given opportunities to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings. They are introduced to a wide range of stories, rhymes and information books. Work in this area lays the foundations for reading and writing.

Physical Development

Children develop rapidly in their early years. They need to be active in order to develop the fundamental skills associated with moving with confidence and control in order to handle tools and equipment effectively. We aim to develop positive attitudes towards a healthy and active way of life.



As with Communication and Language the children are introduced to a wide range of stories, rhymes and information books. Work in this area lays the foundations for reading and writing.


This focuses on practical activities that help to develop understanding of numbers, measurement, patterns, shape and space. We aim to develop the children’s confidence so that their mathematical skills are used in everyday situations.

Understanding of the World

In this area, children develop the skills they need to help them to understand the world in which they live. They learn about People and Communities, The World and Technology. They learn to be curious, ask questions, experiment and solve problems. Work in this area lays the foundations for later learning in history, geography, science, design and technology and information and communication technology.

Expressive Arts and Design

Creativity brings excitement and independence to learning. Work in this area aims to develop children’s imaginations, encouraging expression of ideas through art, music, dance, role-play and imaginative play.

We use an online system called Blossom Educational Ltd. Staff use ipads to record your child's development and progress. Staff complete 2 year old checks and Spotlight Reports these set 'targets' to move the children on to the next stage of their individual learning. Through the Blossom App you will get a 'Daily Diary' this will include information about your child's day including Nappy Changes, Sleep times, Mealtimes etc.



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