Parental Contribution:

We believe that the bond between children and parents is the first priority and we aim to foster and support it at all times.


We believe that a child's love for and dependence on his or her parents makes them the child's best educators and that their co-operation and involvement in the nursery is of the utmost importance.


We believe that a child is a person in his or her own right. Therefore, we endeavour at all times to cater for his or her own needs, individuality and requirements at their own pace.


We believe that is it vital for our nursery to provide a service for pre-school children with the support of their families, which will be happy, secure and maximise each child's instinctive desire to grow through learning and play.


We encourage parents/carers to be involed in their child's time at Woodlands Nursery by attending and join in our special events....


  • Sports Day
  • Graduation Day
  • Easter Parade
  • Christmas Nativity and Concert
  • Ladies' Day- Mother's Day
  • Men's Day- Father's Day
  • Parent/Carer Open Week ( A chance to talk about your child's development and learning)
  • Stay and Play Days

Games and activities linked to television characters and programmes.

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Support and Advice the good toy guide as tested by children and parents



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Games and activities linked to television characters and programmes.